It’s All About Love

For the past few months I’ve been playing with a worship band that does an outreach service on Saturday nights.  As I started looking through this week’s music to get ready for next Saturday I noticed there was a new song that was called “All About Love”.

The lyrics start out with talking about how we have seminars and conferences and books and search engines but if we forget about Love, we’ve lost track of what is most important.

I’m sitting here by our bookshelf and looking at the Christian section.  We’ve got the Bible in about 8 or 9 versions/languages and a couple of shelves full of devotionals, Christian stories, inspirational stories, and even some Christian fiction.  This week I’ll help lead worship at a chapel service on Tuesday, have worship rehearsal on Thursday, help lead worship on Saturday night and go to worship on Sunday.  There’s a radio pastor I sometimes like listening to in the mornings over XM radio.  I can download sermons from my friend Steve all the way in Kansas not too long after he preaches them.  Today, while on my way to the rez, I listened to Christian music ranging from Ashley Cleveland, a fantastic and passionate vocalist in the styling of Janis Joplin, all the way to Christian sitar music and worship songs sung in the Hindi language by the band Aradhna.  There are so many Christian and Bible colleges that they roll out the red carpet and leather chairs, literally, at conventions to compete with each other for prospective students.

There’s almost no limit to the Christian information I have access to.  I can learn about God in many, many ways.  I live in a country where I am still free to listen to and read this material that was once, and probably still should be, thought of as revolutionary.  But in order for the revolutionary message of Jesus on the cross to impact us we must get our heads, or rather our hearts, around the idea of Love.  In order for the church to have any real, lasting impact on the people around us we must let that Love shine through us.

John 3:16 doesn’t say “For God so wanted the world to be educated that He sent His only begotten Son…”  It says He loved us.

Now, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t pursue knowledge—if you truly learn about God you will learn that He is Love.  That said don’t let the education stand in the way of the experience of that Love, and by no means let your efforts to educate others stand in the way of loving them!  Amen.

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