Rescue Houses or Country Clubs

A long time ago, there was a group of men on the northeastern coast of the United States who were concerned about the number of merchant ships that were going down in that area, and the lives being lost in those wrecks.  So they built a little rough-cut building in one of the most treacherous spots along the coast, and they stockpiled some medical supplies and food and water in there.  They chipped in and bought a little row boat, and they started taking shifts watching for ships in trouble. 

As time passed they saved many lives, and those who were saved were very thankful and wanted to volunteer in the rescue house so that they might save others.  But after they started taking shifts, they started to notice how uncomfortable the living quarters in the rescue house were, and they were very generous, being thankful for being saved themselves, and they chipped in to make things nicer.  Nicer furniture, better supplies, and just a better standard of living for the volunteers there.

After a while, they started to notice something—the men being rescued would often come in soaked, bleeding, dirty, and smelling like the sea.  They decided that the best thing to do would be to build a make-shift shower outdoors so that the men being rescued could be cleaned up before coming into the rescue house.

After some time they started to just sort of hang out there, and not to be so interested in doing the rescue runs.  They noticed that no matter how much they cleaned those saved up, they still messed things up when they came in to the building.  So they decided to keep this building as their own club, and to send those who were really wanted to save wrecked sailors to start another rescue house.  Those who still wanted to rescue people were very disappointed, but they had no choice, so they left.

They started another rescue house, and they saved many lives.  Those they saved wanted to help, but they couldn’t help but notice how uncomfortable the living quarters were in the rescue house.  And so they….

Well, you can probably see where this is going.  The cycle repeated over and over, and now there are country clubs all up and down the east coast.

The question for us is this—How important is our comfort, and how does that compare to the real need of reaching out to help people?  We were all lost, but now we’re found!  Our primary concern needs to be reaching others.  God forgive us when we haven’t lived up to this, and give us the courage and strength to be better in the future!

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