Dave Confronts Mortality

I know I’m supposed to finish off the photo series this issue, but something has come up that I need to address.

I was recently confronted by three things that made me start to think about my own mortality.  One was the passing of my uncle Bob.  One was the terrible illness and ultimate passing (and unbelievable legacy) of my good friend Barb.  One was a situation of extended family being in a very dangerous situation oversees and being told for some time that they could not get out of the country.  As I thought through these events, even before Barb died, I was forced to imagine confronting my own mortality.  I’ve only been in a handful of situations that could have taken my life, but each time I walk away changed for a few days, or weeks, or even months but then I forget what it was that changed me.  I don’t know if I’ll ever forget the past few months, and the lessons learned.  I wrote a few things down.

  • Faith in God is not faith that He will do what you think is best, but that He will do what is best.

  • I found myself telling Lisa after uncle Bob died that he was one of my favorites.  I should have told him rather than her, but I hadn’t talked to him in several years.  Tell people that you love them while you still can.  Sure, it’s awkward and your “uncle Bob” will look at you like you’ve gone all flakey, but you’ll be glad you did it.

  • The world is broken.  There’s a great amount of good that goes on here, but a great amount that’s not-so-good too.  The question for each of us is, “Which side of that equation are you on?”  Be on the good side, even if it is “just” something that you think is of no consequence.  That’s what Barb did and Jesus just poured from her because of it.

  • (To myself, not necessarily to you)--There’s a cost, sometimes a very large cost, of service.  If there weren’t, it wouldn’t be called service.  Get busy serving and stop worrying about whether or not it will cost you—it will.  Then you’ll be sad, bruised, sick, hurt, dead or whatever.  And then you’ll get over it.  (Yes, even if you’re dead.)   Now that we’ve got that taken care of you can serve without worrying.

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