Lessons from the Desert

Part II--Follow the Directions

We're often lost.  There.  I said it.  It is routine for us to need to go somewhere and not know how to get there.  So we stop and ask someone, but in the desert they don't usually say "You go up here to 42nd and Main, and make a left at the light."  There is no 42nd.  There is no Main.  And there certainly is no light.

Directions are given by markers, not by things like roads and lights.  Directions are more general than that, and certainly based on what you've stumbled upon and not on GPS style directions.  We've asked how far to get somewhere and had the person tell us, "It's a looooong way!"  We've been told, "You go up the shiny building and then keep going."  We've been told, "Go to where the tire is on the fence post then turn left."   We've told others, "You go past where the bicycle is on top of the house."  Seriously.  I could take you there and show it to you right now.

So I got to thinking about this and how it applies to our spiritual lives.  We often make a big deal about the do's and don't's of scripture and put way too fine a point on it for survival in this desert that is being human and on earth.  I got to thinking about the generalities, if there are any, that Jesus gave us as a way to navigate this thing called life.  I came up with two:

Love God

Love Others

An oversimplification?  Perhaps.  But if you generally follow those two directions, you will specifically be doing what he put you here to do.  Try to think of situation where loving God and loving Others won't either reinforce what you are already doing or make you realize you're doing it wrong.  I've been thinking through my life, and just how lost I am, and I've realized that when I'm lost most, I'm the furthest from those two directions.  I think you'll find the same in your life.

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