How You Can Help

Volunteer Opportunities

Arizona is a great place for a short-term mission trip. In addition to being cost effective and relatively close to home, it gives people who may be new to the whole short-term missions idea a chance to see what it is all about without needing malaria medications or fighting off spitting cobras (though we do have our share of spiders and rattlesnakes). Many people come out and work for a week and then spend their last day at the Grand Canyon, a place of worship without the walls. Come and work along side us for a week! The hours are long, the pay is non-existent, but you’ll have an office with a view and the best boss (God) ever!

Apache young man in white.

Church Advocacy

We need speaking opportunities, and they almost always happen because someone in a church is speaking on our behalf and asking for opportunities for us to speak to an entire church, a Sunday School class, or small group. Speaking at churches is critically important to our mission and has led to work teams, funding, and other ways you can help us help the people here.

You can also order our free DVD and show it to others.

Is your church already funding us? You can still advocate for us, keeping our work in front of the people in your church or small group, presenting special needs we have to your missions team, and communicating to your friends and church leaders on our behalf.

Sign up to be a church advocate and be the face of Hope in Transit to your local congregation.

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Invite Us To Your VBS or Youth Program

Over the years, a major portion of our support has been raised five cents and thirteen cents at a time, through kids at VBS and camp programs giving to us. We have spoken hundreds of times to young people, and we seem to really connect with them. We believe this is because we scale our speaking time to them—we make it really fun and interesting for the younger crowd but know how to step it up and really challenge high school age kids to get outside of their comfort zone and get involved in something bigger than themselves.

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Prayer Partners

Prayer is a very important way you can help us! You can pray for the people here and for us generally, or you can sign up for our prayer partners ministry by contacting us and asking us for specific prayer requests. Please keep praying!

How to Donate

You can donate through Paypal, or by sending a check to:

Hope in Transit
PO Box 2096
Lakeside, AZ 85929

We are a federally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit, and because we have no buildings to maintain and no debt, a large portion of your donation goes toward helping us reach the people.

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