In Their Own WORDs

Navajo Bible Recordings

When Rich Mullins first envisioned this ministry, he said, "I long to empower the people of the southwest to share their lives, their heart, their beauty and purpose with the rest of the world." That has become one of our passions, too.

As many of you know, Johnny B. Dennison, with help from Hope in Transit, recorded an overview of the Bible in Navajo contextual music a few years ago. The project was a huge success, and has reached many people who want to be Navajo and Christian, not either Navajo or Christian.

Johnny B. is now going back and starting to go deeper into individual passages and he recently recorded Psalm 119! We are currently mixing this project and hope to be distributing it very soon.

Ernie Reed

In addition to the Johnny B. Dennison Navajo Bile project, we are also working on a pow wow style project for Ernie Reed.  The first files were completed last year, but we were unhappy with the results, so we will be traveling back to New Mexico for recording dates as soon as we get our new recording system up and running.  We expect to complete this project in the next few months.  Stay posted and pray that this project will help spread the Gospel to Ernie's listeners.

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