Needs List

It's true--we really can't do this without your generosity, but we also have very specific needs, so we're giving you a needs list that will give you lots of options for helping our ministry.  Thank you so much for all you do.

Just updated!  Great to be able to strike some items off the list!

Items new to the list!

  • Berklee Online Music Classes--$5600  (this is an updated number.  A donor covered our first classes, which are great!  We would love to be able to each complete a three-class certificate over sabbatical.)



  • Berklee Online Music Classes--$5600
  • Travel & lodging expenses
  • received, thank you! (Debriefing & counseling)
  • Gym & trainer fees
  • Gardening supplies
  • Barnes & Noble nook book gift certificates
  • Dave's bobsled trip to Utah!


Traveling Music School

  • Short Scale Bass Guitar--$179
  • 2 Practice Bass Amps--$119 each
  • Trailer - $1500-2000


Recording Studio

  • Pro Tools 11 upgrade $299


Out of the Ashes--Cigar box guitar building project

  • Cigar boxes
  • Guitar parts (please check with us on what parts we need!)
  • Bass strings


The Moses Project--Outdoor Ministry

  • Fishing license fees

Office Supplies

  • Recycled paper
  • Ink cartridges: Epson 127
  • Printing for letterhead, etc. $1500

Things That Allow Us To Keep On Keeping On


Presentation and Fundraising

(none at the moment)



  • Storage shed--$1000  (this would save us monthly storage unit rental fees, plus protect our heating supplies i.e., firewood.  Our previous one was destroyed by our intense straight line winds!)
  • Fence--$1400  (this would allow us to save money by gardening.  Right now the elk & rabbits eat everything from grapes to trees!)
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