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Mitch McVicker CD

Dave was recently very blessed to be asked to play on the new CD by Mitch McVicker.  Dave toured with Mitch some in 2012 and the new music is very exciting, and very important for everyone to hear.  Stay tuned for more details!


Cigar box project

We will be beginning a project building cigar box guitars with our kids very soon.  The lesson here is simple, but critical--the cigar box looks like junk, but it is can be a very cool instrument.  You might think your life is junk, but it is not!

A visit by the Hollands!

The Hollands family band will be visiting us in early February.  Whenever we have guests, the kids are always particularly excited and alive, and we are SURE when they hear the musical goodness of the Hollands it will be no different.

Go check out the Hollands here!

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