Out of the Ashes

Out of the Ashes

Practically everyone knows how it feels to think you are not worth anything, too messed up to be used for anything good, or just not loved.  Often our culture tells us that you have to have it all together.  Sadly, the church also often marginalizes those who seem like they have nothing of value in them.

We know that our kids are priceless, can be used by God, and are loved.  Enter the "Out of the Ashes" program, a program where we teach our students how to make instruments out of cigar boxes.  With some very "low tech" supplies and not much skill but a lot of love and care, you can turn a cigar box into a very cool blues guitar or bass.

Our program walks kids through the building process, allowing them to do almost everything (probably not the circular saw work!), to make decisions on design and style, and then to learn to play the instruments. 

Then, the life lesson--you ARE priceless, can be used, and are loved.  Just like the cigar box was once seemed like a piece of junk but is now very cool, you have GREAT potential, can allow God to make you into something great, and are deeply loved.

We'll be posting some of our needs for this project soon, but it is almost all VERY low price items (unless you buy the cigar boxes full!), so YOU can help make the message of hope and love available to some kids with great potential!

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