As many of you know, we've been in this ministry for 13 full school years now!  It is often a 24-hour, 7-days thing because of our "normal" class schedule, crisis in the kids' lives, a CRAZY travel schedule, paperwork overload, fundraising, and everything else it takes to keep the mission going.

This has stressed us a good bit past good health, and has stretched us and spread us thin to the point of not really being sustainable.  After a long year of personal trials and tragedies in 2013, we counseled with lifetime missionaries, pastors, our board, and a ministry that is focused entirely on the health of ministers and missionaries--Their input was is time for sabbatical.  We want to be here, in ministry for years to come, and it became clear over the past year that we would not be able to do that if we don't get some recovery and healing time.  Over these years, we've tied our value to our work, and gotten so busy trying to reach kids for God that we haven't had time for God.  We haven't had the time to pray, read the Bible, do devotionals, or even be involved in the church they way we should be.  This is not only not a very good example for our kids, but it is also a lousy way to love God, and it is not sustainable.

Our plans are to rest quite a bit, to read quite a bit, to do some projects we've been wanting to do for 13 years, to take some music classes and lessons, and to come back in the 2015-2016 school year in far better shape than we are now to complete the task at hand.  As one pastor and mentor put it to us, "You need to take time to discover that God loves you outside of this work, and you need to take time to discover each other again, not as work partners but as spouses."   That hurt to hear, but it is true.  We will drop in on "our" kids from time to time in order to maintain the relationships we've built over the years, but we will not be on a regular schedule.

We need your help during this time!  We will be on sabbatical....our mortgage, and electric bill, and grocery bill will NOT be on sabbatical.  We need those who are supporting us to continue to do so, and those who are not supporting us but who have considered it to jump right in even though we are on sabbatical.  You can donate on line here, or mail checks to us at:

Hope in Transit
PO Box 2096
Lakeside, AZ  85929

Thank you for anything you can do!

We also still desperately need your prayers during this time.  Putting back together what has been broken will not be easy, but we must take the time to do it for the good of our health and the good of this mission in years to come.

Thank you again for all your support and prayers through the past 13 years.  We are sincere when we say we could not have done it without you!

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