The Things Kids Say!

We see some crazy stuff sometimes like two cowboys chasing a bull down the highway, but we also hear some crazy stuff sometimes!  From time to time, we'll be posting these deep (or at least funny) quotes from the kids in the program.  Stop back often to check for more!

On why it would be better to go to the keyboards instead of working on music theory...

"I'm too itchy to do music theory!"

There was a stretch of about a month when I was sick this year....

I hadn't shaved in a couple of weeks, and looked pretty beat up and bedraggled.  One student saw me, looked a little concerned and said,

"What happened?  You got old!"

The littlest kids: we were doing flashcards.

They could reliably identify the number of beats (holding up two fingers) when shown a half note, but couldn't remember the name half note. "Okay," we said, "But what's the note's name? What's he called?" There was the predictable flurry of incomprehensible kid answers. Then Dave says, "Wait, did you just say, 'Dude?' Did you just call the half note, 'dude?'" Hee. I don't think he did, I think he was saying "Two" but still. I think there's a short story there, a half note named dude.


A student recently asked us if we were going to let the class form a band.  I said, "Yes we'd like to, but you guys have to work really hard to get to that point."  The student then asked, "Can I be the jerk in the band?"


A student at AICM was recently trying bass for the first time and she said, "It feels like an earthquake is happening on me!"

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