What We Do

Our Mission

Simply put, our calling is to take the hope of Jesus to Native America through music lessons and friendship. (To learn more, read about how Hope in Transit was first envisioned by Rich Mullins.) We do that through the following programs.

Traveling Music School

Hope In Transit’s primary program is a traveling music school that travels in a weekly cycle to work with Navajo and White Mountain Apache students. We teach bass, drums, keyboard, and guitar at each location, in both individual and group lessons. The Traveling Music School seeks to provide a healthy pastime to young people who are often in a position to choose between dangerous and self-destructive or healthy and productive behavioral patterns. We have seen “our” kids making better decisions, staying in school and off drugs, and ultimately moving toward Christ through our work with them.

Dave & Navajo student looking at music.

In Their Own WORDs

The “In Their Own WORDs” program is a program to get native language, culturally relevant Bible songs and worship music into the hands of people who would not normally have such materials available. Our completed projects include “In The Beginning” from Johnny B Dennison and “Influence”, a Maori worship CD. We are currently working on Psalm 119 from Johnny B Dennison and a new powwow style worship project from our new friend Ernie.

Johnny B. at the mic.

Benevolence Program

Our benevolence program is critical to helping meet the physical needs of many people. We operate and fund a grocery program that helps ensure some of our students have enough to eat. We do this through wild game donations (including a bison and 50 geese) and through grocery shopping trips.

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