Who We Are


Dave and Lisa Sprinkle are the co-directors of Hope in Transit and the teachers in the Traveling Music School program. Dave grew up in Indianapolis, IN and Lisa hails from Ohio. We met in eastern Tennessee during our one year of college where Dave was a music major who was interested in missions and Lisa was a missions major who was interested in music.

The Traveling Music School was the perfect blend of music and missions where we could use both our passions and our talents. Between the two of us we can teach keyboards, bass, drums, guitar, vocals, recorder, recording technologies, and music reading and theory. We have been working in the field since October of 2001 and formed Hope in Transit together in August of 2003.

The Kid Brothers of St. Frank (the Rich Mullins family foundation) was critical at the beginning of this ministry and through our first several years. We thank Rich for the vision and his family for keeping his vision alive through ministries like Hope in Transit.

We live in Northern Arizona between the Navajo and White Mountain Apache reservations. Our primary message to the young people we work with is that there is hope, that God loves them, and that He has a plan for them. We are honored to be able to use our gifts in music as an outreach and service to the young people. We look forward to the work that is in front of us.

Dave & Lisa, at sunset in the Petrified Forest.

Hope in Transit East

Brian and Leah Grover are partnering with Hope in Transit in central Asia in a place called Tuva. Brian works with Heart Sounds International, and is an expert in Tuvan music. They and their three children are currently serving with Jesus People in Chicago, IL, and moving toward making more trips into Tuva to share the Gospel with people who have only been exposed to the Gospel for 20-30 years.

The Grovers came to the Navajo reservation and lived with the Sprinkles in New Mexico for a time to learn and prepare their family for ministry.  Indigenous people groups in Tuva share many of the same cultural values and struggle with many of the same challenges as indigenous tribes in North America.  Brian's unique ability to connect on a musical level gives them a doorway into Tuvan hearts that would not otherwise be possible.  Their vision is to help new Tuvan Christians worship in their own culture and style, similar to the Johnny B. project in Navajo.

You may help them with their wing of Hope in Transit through donations made to Hope in Transit with a memo line “Tuva.”

Brian Grover playing guitar.
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